Geolabs is a project of Benedikt M. Orlowski, M.A., Lange Gasse 11, Nürnberg, Germany.

The author, doing “Geography” in the mountains of Silvretta, Austria

I studied Geography and Science of Theater and Media (Magister Artium) at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen. Since 2012 I work as a research fellow at the Department of Geography, Erlangen.

My profile at the department homepage:

On geolabs I post information about my work with R or other tools and current research and projects.

For more information about my research focus and my publications, please visit my homepage (above) or my profile on Research Gate:

The focus of my research is on human geography, particularly the geography of risk and cross-disciplinary approaches to volcanic risk, and risk and the media. I am also interested in the spacial dimensions of human activity.

If you need further information e.g. more details about the R code, feel free to contact me.

How to cite this blog:

If you use any code or ideas of this blog it would be very nice if you refer to this page or cite me in your paper:

Chicago Bibliography example
Orlowski, Benedikt. “R combined gps-track plot of spatial intensity,” geolabs, (August 30, 2011) (last visited December 12, 2013).

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